WY DMO Relief Fund Services

Marketing and PR Guidance in managing your WY DMO Relief Funds legally and effectively. Attract new visitors, help your hospitality businesses with safe travel procedures, and educate your citizens and elected officials about how tourism is reigniting your economy. Full turnkey services available including advertising insertion orders and the required follow-up reporting.


The WY DMO Relief Fund is a WY state program available only to official Wyoming Destination Marketing Organizations.

COVID Public Relations and Advocacy


Educate your public and elected officials of your tourism promotion efforts and how tourism is leading your area’s economic recovery in a safe manner for the benefit of your residents, businesses, and visitors.


Basic COVID PR / Advocacy                           


Provide a customized Public Relations / Advocacy plan to educate the public about how tourism is helping your area's economy and how your lodging tax board is leading the effort. The plan will include the following PR outlets (as appropriate):

* Social media

* Local newspaper, radio stations, TV stations, cable networks

* Civic organizations presentations (Kiwanis, Rotary, etc)

* Newsletters and e-newsletters (DMO, Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations)

Create message ideas customized to your situation. You can use these messages for various media opportunites. Ideas could include:

* The need to support local businesses, the arts community, etc.

* Promotion of available employment resources.

* Safety measures at area businesses.

* Your DMO’s marketing efforts to reignite the tourism economy.

* Your DMO’s actions to distribute PPE to hospitality industry businesses.

* Inspiring stories of hospitality businesses that have exceled at serving visitors and residents during the pandemic or that have overcome unique challenges.

Write one “story” (approximately 750-1000 words) about the resumption of safe travel, your DMO’s efforts, ways people can support the industry, etc. based upon your community and DMO goals. This will be formatted as either a guest editorial suitable for the local newspaper or a speech appropriate for a civic organization function.   (Additional “stories” for $175 each.)

Write one Press Release about one of the messages or sample Letter to the Editor suitable for use by a key constituent or business leader. (Additional letters for $75 each.)

Create a detailed calendar of the PR steps you will take to implement your PR / Advocacy strategies from August through December 2020.  

Basic COVID PR / Advocacy                               $750

Advanced COVID PR / Advocacy                               

Rudloff Solutions will provide all the deliverables in the Basic package, plus:

Provide details and messaging on state and federal COVID relief programs to share with your local businesses (PPP program (closes Aug 8), Wyoming Business Council’s Relief Fund and Mitigation Fund, Wyoming Office of Tourism Personal Protective Equipment program, Small Business Development Center and Small Business Administration resources).

Create customized suggestions for new events and promotions to benefit your restaurants, retailers, etc. based upon your mix of businesses, facilities, economic development partners, history of specific events, etc. 

Advanced COVID PR / Advocacy                        $1,200


COVID Safety & Crisis Communication Plan    


Keep your DMO and visitor center safe so you can remain open and growing tourism in your community. Up-to-date policies and procedures for operating a safe visitor center and office during the COVID pandemic, customized for your organization’s situation. Can cover visitor centers operated by other entities, like your Chamber of Commerce.

Includes a full crisis communications plan to help our organization communicate with the media and public during a crisis, like the COVID pandemic, a major flood, fire, etc.  These policies create a sound foundation for a professional destination marketing organization.


COVID Safety & Crisis Communication Plan        $700


COVID Market Research of Key Customer Groups


The COVID pandemic has changed the mindsets of your visitors, business owners, and residents. Your knowledge about your visitors and local partners may be out-of-date as safety and economic concerns have become leading concerns.

Rudloff Solutions can survey your core customer groups to gain critical information to help you promote safe travel in your destination.


A. Visitors: What do potential visitors think about your destination in the current Covid environment? Are they worried about their safety in your area? What attractions or lodging appeals to them now? What message can you give them to convince them to spend more time and money with you. (Survey can be performed through your social media channels, your e-newsletter list, or among existing visitors stopping at your visitor center).


B. Hotels and Attractions: How are your critical business partners are doing during the pandemic and how you can help them? This information is helpful as you develop your Covid response programs; it is also beneficial in that your businesses will know that you are working for them in their times of need.


Possible questions (customized to your community): How negatively have your businesses been affected and what is their outlook for the future? What is their workforce situation? Have they accessed business relief funding either from the Small Business Administration or the WY Business Council? What can your lodging tax board do NOW to help them in terms of marketing, promotions, support, signage, safety materials, PPE, etc.?


C. Residents: Your residents are your ultimate customer as your organization works to grow the local economy. They also vote on your funding source every four years. How has the Covid pandemic changed their views of visitors coming into the community? Are they worried about visitors bringing in Covid? What information do residents need about the safety measures being taken at area restaurants and hotels? Has the pandemic changed residents’ views about your lodging tax board?


Rudloff Solutions Deliverables:

* Work with you to determine the information you desire about one or more of the customer groups. * Prepare the questionnaire (5-6 questions) and load it onto an online survey platform. * Distribute the survey to the target group using lists provided by you. * Monitor responses and perhaps do a 2nd emailing to increase response. * Provide a summary of the resulting data. 


Note: These are intended as basic, short surveys for gaining customer sentiment on the Covid situation and its effect on your destination. Additional charges for more elaborate questionnaires and customer lists. For even more extensive research, we recommend Young Strategies.


Covid Survey of Each Customer Group                             $ 650

DMO Relief Funds Marketing Direction & Management


Rudloff Solutions will be your partner in considering all your options and legally investing your DMO Relief Funds to safely resume tourism activities in your area.

Provide options for legal uses of the DMO Relief Funds and help you weigh the alternatives based upon your area's travel patterns, the latest in travel sentiment research, and the status of the COVID crisis.

Provide specific advertising / marketing / safety purchase suggestions to benefit your community.

Coordinate your Wyoming Office of Tourism advertising purchases.

Compile advertising results available through WY Office of Tourism contractors.

Advise on appropriate accounting and recordkeeping for the DMO Relief Funds.

Complete your final DMO Relief Fund reporting for the WY Office of Tourism (if desired).


DMOs receiving under $30K in DMO Relief Funds                          $400

DMOs receiving $30K to $90K in DMO Relief Funds                       $650

DMOs receiving more than $90K in DMO Relief Funds                  $1,100

Ala Carte Services (apart from the above packages)


Guest Editorial (750-1,000 words)

customized for your DMO and area                            $225


Sample Letter to the Editor

customized for your DMO and area                            $100


Customized packages and services available. Give us a call and let's chat about your ideas.

About Rudloff Solutions


Darren Rudloff has 25+ years of destination marketing and management experience at Visit Cheyenne and the Texas Office of Tourism. Recipient of 2020 Big WYO award for outstanding service to WY tourism. Longtime member of the Wyoming Travel Industry Council Board of Directors and the WY Office of Tourism Board of Directors (2012-20). Earned Destination International’s Certified Destination Management Executive (CDME) certification and its DMAP accreditation for Visit Cheyenne.